This garden continues to pump out tons of peppers for our amazing sauces and seasonings. It remains one of The Captain’s most prized possessions. There have been ups and downs but it has survived through all of the obstacles.

The Captain’s Garden Is A Modern Marvel

We have so much to tell you friends. There is never a dull moment over at the farm. For starters, we are collaborating with Florida Fresh Meat Company to make the most delicious sausages in the history of mankind. Their products are all locally raised, antibiotic free, naturally fed, farm raised animals. Not only is their product simply superior to store bought meat, when it is paired with our seasonings it is a match made in heaven. Check this out. We are making a lamb sausage with our Mediterranean seasoning “On The Lamb“. Then we are making a delicious chicken sausage with our Caribbean seasoning “Tropical Explosion“. Last and certainly not least, we are making a pork sausage with our Adobo Lime seasoning, “Aye-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yah“. We started selling these sausages last week and sold out. This is obviously going to be a regular thing for us. But the quantity will remain limited for the time being. So, if you want some of these sausages then get to the markets early.

Next up is our new seasoning. Wow, if you like “Jerk” chicken then you are about to enter the board room of your wildest food dreams. This seasoning is second to none when it comes to the perfect jerk flavor. You simply have to jump on this. We will have this amazing seasoning at both markets this weekend. It is also available on our website, “Jerkin’ Around

We look forward to seeing you soon. If you are not in our area we apologize that you will not have the benefit of trying our sausages. At some point in the future I’m sure they will be available for shipping. Take care friends and remember, if you are not eating spicy foods then you are too boring to be invited to parties!