The Captain’s Nectar

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Along the shores of Jimbaran in Bali Indonesia, local fishers serve their catch of the day with sambal sauces that taste a lot like this. I found their tropical flavors so burning, so curious, that I had to share them with the world. This sauce is best with fish, chicken, or pork, but I prefer to drink it straight, like a flaming Piña Colada shot.

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Apple Cider Vinegar; Mango; Pineapple; Agave Nectar; Trinidad & Moruga Scorpion, Sugar Rush, and Peach Ghost Peppers.

  1. Ryan Freels

    This is my new favorite hot sauce! I especially like it on fish tacos and chicken sandwiches. It is so good that I actually dreamed about it.

    In my dream I ordered a chicken sandwich, and it was just okay. This left me disappointed, until I realized I had the Captain’s Nectar at home to turn this okay chicken sandwich into an awesome chicken sandwich.

  2. David Miller

    I did not expect to like this, but was pleasantly surprised! IMO a strong second place lost to the Not So Soy, in a naked wings trial.

  3. Omar Infante

    This is the best hot sauce combination, with a kick of sweet! Visited Gainesville FL from Atlanta back in Aug 2019, and happened to pick up a bottle, I haven’t stopped using the stuff. Add a few drops to a Hawaiian pizza, grilled shrimp, or maybe a sandwich 🥪 its good stuff.

  4. Jamie Mark

    This is my go-to! Goes great on so many things. And possibly by it self straight from the bottle. Just saying.

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