The Captain’s Nectar


Along the shores of Jimbaran in Bali Indonesia The Captain was pleased by the natives. As they fish the fresh waters around the island daily and bring their haul up to the beach just before sunset. There, one can walk along a table while choosing from a plethora of crustacean and fresh whole fish. Each choice made is put onto a platter. Then, you would go sit at a picnic table to watch an historic daily sunset over the ocean whilst the natives would grill and smoke your choices over coconut husks. Once your food is perfectly grilled to perfectly, they bring it to you with an amazing selection of sambal sauces varying from sweet to spicy. The Captain was so inspired by this incredible moment in time that he created the most amazing hot sauce to go with this array of delicately cooked treasure from the sea. He loved the creation so, that he made a waterfall and pool of The Captain’s Nectar at his estate. There is nothing like the sweet tropical fruit taste as the heat of Moruga and various peppers begin to creep along your tongue. This is a special sauce indeed!


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Weight 12.5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in


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