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Asian cuisine has the distinct honor of being among the spiciest and most flavorful in the mortal realm. Add this, my interpretation of soy sauce, and it suddenly pops its top like an active volcano. Once again, you are the beneficiary of the Captain’s palate. (It also makes an incredible steak sauce.)

We don't do mild!

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in

Rice Vinegar; Liquid Aminos; Ginger; Honey; Thai Chile Peppers. That’s it.

  1. Jordan

    I bought this because it was so delicious even though I have never bought soy sauce and used it at home but let me tell you… I now get all of my sushi to go JUST so I can go home and drown it in this sauce! It is delicious!!!

  2. Stephen George Rolf

    We LOVE this sauce after discovering it an outdoor Florida Market. We mix it w/ Sriracha, garlic chili paste and makes all our asian inspired meals superb!!!!

  3. David Miller

    Though the other sauces are top notch, this one is my personal favorite. That subtle heat and salt warms up my taste buds to all of the other flavors in the food.

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