Hot Sauce Review – Warrant Man Pepper Company

Warrant Man Pepper Company is the brainchild of Reginald E. (Reggie) Sharpe. He is a law enforcement officer doing the important work of taking down criminals to keep the rest of us safe in our homes and in our society. As if that was not an important enough of a task, he decided to take his passion for hot sauce to a unique level. He started a hot sauce company. This is quite curious indeed. The Captain must investigate. So I did. It was determined by myself and the true hero in this tale (Reggie) that we would trade hot sauces for review. As promised, he sent me his line of sauces and I, in return, sent mine to him. The following is an account of the 48 hours after The Captain received Warrant Man’s hot sauce.

Captain Caliente, assisted by his loyal friend Lil’ Pepe, set out on an epic gastronomic journey to create the absolute perfect “poor man’s” burnt ends to compliment Warrant Man’s line of sauces in a taste test to determine the merit of these grown man’s gravies.

The Burnt Ends

So these were incredibly fun to make. Before we even started there was a giddiness bubbling up at the very thought of how they would taste. Normally, we would have coated our masterful creation with plenty of fresh chopped up chile peppers. But, since we were going to douse each morsel with hot sauce, it was determined that there would be no chile powders or fresh chiles rubbed into the meat from inception. Still, it was very exciting.

“Poor Man’s” Burnt ends is a process that tries to recreate the flavor of actual burnt ends of a smoked barbeque brisket. It should be noted from the outset that there is truly zero chance of even coming close to creating the flavor of actual burnt ends. However, when you want more than a few bites of that flavor you create an entire plate of them. And that is exactly what we did. It went like this:

Starting with a nice piece of Chuck Roast we chopped up plenty of garlic. Added salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, a touch of Indian curry and a few dashes of Worcestershire Sauce. Rubbed it down and set it in the fridge overnight.

The next day we got the smoker ready. We used cherry wood chips. The liquid pan was filled with water and a potpourri of kiwi fruit, citrus, sweet red pepper, onion and garlic. We soaked our wood chips for about a half hour and heated the smoker up to 225 degrees. Once the smoker reached temp we added the wood chips. Then we added the beautiful chuck roast in a shallow dish pan uncovered. We smoked it for roughly 4 hours, until the internal temperature reached 165. After that, we took the roast out and wrapped it in tinfoil. Poked holes. Back in the smoker for another 4 hours until the internal temp reached 195. The pan will be full of gravy and burnt fat. We discarded that, and washed out the pan. Then cut the Chuck Roast into bite sized pieces and coated it with brown sugar and butter. Then back in the smoker at 225 degrees for another two hours. Finally it was ready for this awesome taste test. It turns out that Warrant Man’s sauces were worth the effort.

The consistency of the meat should be squish-able. Juice should run out with each squish. If you’ve achieved this, you’ve done the right thing. Now it was just a matter of adding Warrant Man’s hot sauce to each tender morsel in order to determine the viability of each sauce. We also made some simple Mac N’ Cheese to go with the burnt ends. There are few things that can contrast with hot sauce than that of Mac N’ Cheese. It’s such a simple dish, but it ends up being one of the most incredible contrasts to any sauce. It simply works. Our final product was delicious.

Being that these sauces are created by a law enforcement individual the theme is definitely fun. Every bottle comes with a small set of handcuffs, the box is packaged with yellow police tape and each sauce has a name to fit the theme. It sets a mood, to be sure.

Arson – Carolina Reaper Salt

This is a large chunk sea salt product with flakes of Carolina Reaper and Ghost Pepper. It comes complete with a large match tied on by a bow. This product is impressive. First off…who doesn’t like sea salt? Mix it with some delicious dried pepper flakes and you have a winner. This is the type of product that you should cook with and not add after the fact. Because the salt pieces are so large it would be difficult for them to dissolve after the dish is cooked. But the flavor is obviously there. The pepper flake to salt ratio is perfect. It will add a below medium heat to any dish you cook using this as part of the base. Warrant Man talked about the idea of adding a grinder to this product. It would be a good idea. Then one could use it while cooking and as a delicious garnish after a fantastic meal is cooked. Regardless, this is a special product and we found it to be something easily incorporated into our regular hot pepper lifestyles.

Aggravated Assault

This is the mildest of the sauces. For a guy like me this hot sauce is not hot at all. It is a very pleasant sauce though. It has an extremely mild flavor. Yet…it is still present. It will not change the flavor of anything you are eating. And I dare say that this sauce will appeal to anyone. Do not let the “hot sauce” on the label fool you. It’s simply not hot. It has a very, very low level heat that barely registers. Anyone could use this sauce and it would not cause any type of concern for ulcers or palates that are not inclined toward hot flavors. This is not the type of sauce you add to a marinade or while cooking a dish. This is a finishing sauce, for those that want an impressively mild flavor to add to their dish. It just so happens that my mom is in town. She does not have the super natural ability to chomp the back end of a Butch T Scorpion Pepper with a smile, like myself. But she was incredibly impressed with this sauce. In fact, she confiscated the bottle from my grasp and it has become her hot sauce. Which is good. The point being, this sauce will appeal to anyone as an additive to most dishes. Although I would not use this sauce personally due to its mild manner it is an incredibly viable sauce for those who simply do not like heat, cannot handle heat or just want a very slight dose of heat.


OK, so this is bit more in my realm. It is basically the same sauce as Aggravated Assault but with more bite. It went incredibly well with Mac N’ Cheese and Burnt Ends. Keep in mind that this sauce is still a very low level heat. Under normal circumstances, The Captain would never use a sauce with such a low level bite. But this particular sauce is very tasty. It is my favorite of the entire line. It’s just GREAT. Again, this is a finishing sauce. It would not be used in a marinade or while cooking. It is just a straight forward sauce with an incredibly amiable flavor profile. It gets the job done. It would go with any grilled meat, any Italian dish, any Greek dish, Mexican and most dishes that would accept a tomato based finish. This isn’t for Asian or Indian dishes. But with just about any other genre of flavor it works quite well. If you want a sauce that you can use for your children, for your guests, a sauce with a bit of bite, then this is your sauce. It does change the flavor of what you are eating, which in my opinion, is what a sauce should do. You can use this sauce with confidence that anyone will enjoy it. I selfishly did not share it with my mother as I didn’t want her to take it from my stash. And she would have. It’s that good. I’m a fan of Warrant Man’s palate based on this sauce alone.


This is the hottest of Warrant Man’s sauces. It’s somewhat peppery indeed. But I personally feel it misses the mark of “Hot”. The vinegar flavor overpowers the heat flavor. It suffers from the lack of balance between twang and heat. Don’t get me wrong, it has a decent flavor, but the flavor is mismatched. If you are looking for a super hot sauce with Carolina Reaper and Ghost Peppers you can do better. There is nothing in this sauce that gives it a distinctive flavor that keeps you coming back. It’s good, but not good enough for another round. My level of heat capability is much higher than most. This is not a high heat sauce. It is slightly above medium heat. It might do well in a stir fry as vinegar and heat are both important components of such. This is not a finishing sauce. If I were to continue using it, it would be for cooking only so that I could balance the flavor profile.

Clearly Guilty

This is the vinegar. It has an aged Carolina Reaper chunk and some smaller garlic chunks in a clear white vinegar sauce. When we first tried this sauce we doused a burnt end, both Lil’ Pepe and myself found the flavor to be minimal. Thus, it’s not hot. So then I poured a teaspoon of the vinegar and ate it directly. It’s good. It’s a heat flavored vinegar. Not a ton of character though. As well, I’m not sure exactly how to use it? It seems that this might go well in some greens. Any type of greens. Collard, Green beans, brussel sprouts etc… This is the type of sauce that would be decent over roasted vegetables. I think the next step is to roast garlic and poor the sauce over the top of that. It’s a good sauce. But not memorable.

Overall, this line of sauces is worth it. There is nothing to be disappointed about. Unless you are looking for serious heat. However, the flavor is there with each sauce. Particularly with Homicide. Even though my personal opinion about the hottest sauce is that I wouldn’t normally use it. Do not let that dissuade you from the gem of this line, “Homicide” it has all the marks of a great multi-purpose sauce. The flavor is on point. It fits the bill as it satisfies your desire for some heat and adds great taste to your dish.

In the end, both Pepe and myself are thankful we were able to exchange sauces with Warrant Man. He is a true hero. It’s not every day that you get to meet people who make a difference for other people’s lives or society in general. He is one of those people. All of us sauce makers are on a journey together. We all seek to make the greatest sauces in the world. It’s a unique community of people who love heat, spice and the challenge of creating a sauce that others will appreciate. I wish Warrant Man well in his endeavors. From our exchanges it is apparent that he is a genuine and friendly person. Good luck to you sir!

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