This portion of the site will be dedicated to The Captain’s thoughts, ideas, reviews and rants. We will also be adding recipes and videos to show you how to cook with gourmet super hot peppers and our sauces. Be sure to join our Newsletter to stay informed about all that we are doing here at Captain Caliente’s corner of the world.

The bottom line is that we are so excited about our hot sauce, our hot pepper aquaponics garden and the new products that will be coming out soon that we can’t wait to talk about it. We want to share with you the health benefits and joys of eating gourmet super hots on a regular basis.

Brian Ambs Reviews Captain Caliente

Brian Ambs is one of the most enjoyable review artists on YouTube. If you are not familiar with him, his show is delightfully fun. He is considered a rock star by many in the chilehead community. The Captain is humbled and pleased to have this hot pepper icon comment...

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Captain Caliente Is A Gourmet Hot Sauce

Recently, The Captain was involved in a discussion about the difference between gourmet hot sauce and basic hot sauce. There are those that might scoff at the idea that a hot sauce can be gourmet. But let's consider a beautiful Patagonian tooth fish fillet. Take the...

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Hot Sauce Review – Warrant Man Pepper Company

Warrant Man Pepper Company is the brainchild of Reginald E. (Reggie) Sharpe. He is a law enforcement officer doing the important work of taking down criminals to keep the rest of us safe in our homes and in our society. As if that was not an important enough of a...

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