Recently, The Captain was involved in a discussion about the difference between gourmet hot sauce and basic hot sauce. There are those that might scoff at the idea that a hot sauce can be gourmet. But let’s consider a beautiful Patagonian tooth fish fillet. Take the same fillet and have a cook at a diner bread and and fry vs. how a chef in a fine dining restaurant might prepare this succulent fish. Both delicious morsels will probably taste great due to the nature of the meat itself. Particularly if one were to sprinkle “Super Magnificent Hot Pepper Vinegar” upon the final product. However, it is almost certain that the skill and presentation used by the chef in a fine dining restaurant will end up being the better of the two dishes. Not in small margin, but leaps and bounds better. It is because there is a difference between gourmet food and food. If the “gourmet chef” is not delivering the goods then he will be out of business soon enough.

Captain Caliente’s hot sauce line is nothing short of art. Delicious and tasty art. Most hot sauces will use water as one of the main ingredients. Not The Captain. Our sauces are made from pure ingredients. Pure apple cider vinegar, pure honey and pure peppers. The gourmet super hot peppers are picked fresh off the vine and then soaked in apple cider vinegar. After these peppers marinade for several days The Captain goes about making and bottling each sauce with the perfect blend of peppery, tangy and salty heat. Each savory drizzle of The Captain’s sauces will amaze you from beginning to end. If you are interested in a hot sauce that can truly offer you flavor and heat simultaneously then this is your sauce.

Katya Vineyards Tasting Room Will Feature Captain Caliente

We are pleased to announce that one of Ocala’s finest dining establishments Katya Vineyards Tasting Room will be featuring Captain Caliente in some of their dishes. Now you can experience the incredible flavors of gourmet food paired with amazing wine along with the rich flavors of a premium hot sauce.

If you are ever passing through the Ocala area be sure to visit Katya Vineyards. Disappointment in such a visit is an impossibility!