Gourmet Hot Sauce, The Captain's Way

The Captain grows all of his super hot gourmet peppers in aquaponic gardens. This oasis hosts fresh tilapia for fertilizer (poop), red worms in the grow beds adding their Vermiculture (also poop) and hot pepper plants reaching 6 feet tall and 4 feet in girth. It is an eco-friendly recirculating water system saving the environment countless thousands of gallons of water annually. The Captain is most likely the greenest person you know. He is often times seen frolicking in the garden tending to his deliciously pesticide and fungicide free hot peppers. Or, perhaps, releasing lady bugs and other natural predators into the lush landscape of the pepper plants. Rather than use chemicals to vanquish his nemesis he would rather squish stink bugs between his fingers while shouting out some form of obscenity at the foul pests.

Currently, there are three sauces available. But many more to come. Each sauce is made with all natural ingredients. There are multiple peppers in each hot sauce. A variety of 10 different peppers are used in The Captain's secret formula. It took him five years to perfect these recipes. With such distinctive flavor these sauces will stand next to any other contender. Long ago, The Captain realized that as intensely spicy as a super hot gourmet pepper might actually be, the flavor profile is just as intense. He has even managed to temper his original formula with a milder version so that everyone can enjoy the incredible flavor behind the heat!

The Original

This is the hot sauce that The Captain uses when he needs to add a sweetener to his dishes. For most, it is extremely spicy...but we can't all be super heroes.


If you prefer a milder version of The Captain's Scorpion, Ghost pepper blend then this is your sauce. He created this sauce to help you dip your toe in the water to test the temperature. Soon, you will be so addicted to the flavor it will be time for "The Original".

Super Magnificent Hot Pepper Vinegar

The bright gold color of this "sauce" is so beautiful that you may never want to use the vinegar in fear of watching that sunrise gold dissipate. However, once you've mixed a few dashes with olive oil and balsamic for your favorite salad or a couple of splashes in your favorite marinade, this sauce will be gone faster than you can say, Thank You Captain!